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August 19, 2008

So how do we feel about boxwood?

On the one hand: it’s cute – dainty, almost – and well-behaved. It grows slowly, so it fits into the WYSIWYG category that is so egregiously underrepresented in gardening. It’s evergreen but not a pointy-needled thing, another underrepresented category.

On the other hand: it lacks imagination. At least in my garden, large chunks of it inexplicably die every year and have to be pruned out, leaving holes that, because it grows slowly, take forever to fill in again. And it smells like cat pee.

Tough call.


Plants I Hate

August 11, 2008

English ivy, because it will engulf your entire garden while you are away for the weekend.

Impatiens, because they’re all that grew in the tiny urban backyard where I grew up.

Oriental bittersweet, because it’s killing the forests.

Red geraniums, because there’s no need for such gaudiness.