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Illegal Vegetables

August 28, 2008

So did you hear this story about two girls, ages 11 and 3, who got busted for selling veggies from their family’s garden at a roadside stand? In the San Francisco Bay area, no less. Apparently this is illegal, as are lemonade stands and yard sales, and the mayor of their town is a humorless dope who is unable, or unwilling, to see the absurdity of the situation.

The real issue, it turns out, is that the neighbor who turned them in can’t stand the fact that the family has replaced their lawn with a large vegetable garden. He feels, and I quote, that he “should not have to look at that.” Heaven help us.

What is wrong with people? Are they so addicted to conformity that they can’t tolerate an approach to the outdoors that is different from their own? Are the so divorced from their food sources that even the sight of other people growing their own food is offensive? Are they so small-minded and malicious that they have to take their anger out on a couple of kids?

Apparently so.